Law: Why does he choose you and how do you avoid it?

Do you get bitten by mosquitoes more than others, while your brother is not affected by the presence of these mosquitoes? Find out the reason behind this and ways to help you avoid these stings!


Science has proven that some people are more susceptible to mosquito bites than others. This is due to the substances secreted by their body and the skin flora that is naturally present on human skin. Learn about the reasons why you are exposed to mosquitoes more than others:

Causes of exposure to mosquitoes


If you feel that mosquitoes are targeting you and not others, the reason may be the following:

  1. 1. Pregnancy


A pregnant woman may feel that she is more vulnerable to mosquito bites than others, and this is true, It is known that a woman during pregnancy and in its advanced stages produces by exhaling a greater amount of carbon dioxide by about 21% compared to others. This makes them more susceptible to mosquito bites.


The second reason for this is due to the volatile odors produced by the pregnant woman’s body. Which, in turn, attracts mosquitoes.

  1. 2. Excessive sweating


Exercising in physical activity results in excessive sweating of the body with the secretion of lactic acid. It is a substance that attracts mosquitoes greatly. So try to get rid of that sweat and cool down your body temperature.

  1. 3. Blood type


If your blood type is O, then you are a favorite of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes prefer a certain blood type and type, just as you prefer a certain type of food.

  1. 4. Your genes attract mosquitoes


It has been found that a person’s genes may influence the ability of mosquitoes to attract them. Some people naturally produce mosquito repellents. While others do not, depending on their genes.

  1. 5. The smell of the feet


Some mosquitoes prefer the smell of fetid feet more than anything else. So make sure you wash your feet well before going to sleep.

  1. 6. Drinking alcohol


Drinking alcohol and beer causes the body to secrete some substances, which in turn attract mosquitoes more. Compared to people who did not take it, Or just drink water.


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