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The German Egypt for the extermination of insects and rodents is characterized by creativity and credibility in the field of extermination of insects, which are the motives that attract customers to call the German Egypt numbers for extermination of insects. To combat all kinds of insects and rodents, due to the credibility, speed of performance and workmanship it leaves behind in dealings with customers. Pest extermination needs an insect control company specialized in the world of insects, as the pesticides used are international and local public health pesticides that have obtained a permit from the Egyptian Ministry of Health in accordance with the recommendations The World Health Organization (WHO) in addition to the fact that the materials do not affect human health and without leaving the house and without removing the utensils, there is no harm to the elderly, allergy sufferers or children with a 100% guarantee

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Tips to prevent mice

1- It is possible to get rid of mice and fight them through the use of traps or the use of a sticky substance that


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5-year warranty, periodic follow-ups every three months throughout the warranty period